Borsalino Borosilicate Espresso Shot Glass Double Spout 70 ml

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Espresso-based beverages are made with a good combination of espresso, latte, foam, syrups, and all other ingredients. Its essential to put a good ratio to ensure good taste and aroma in that.

Our measuring shot glass are made of borosilicate, able to withstand extreme temperature change up to 180°C difference, made it very durable for long term usage. The double spout gives you flexibility while working on a busy barista tables. The handle is designed ergonomically to suit your grip, and designed to make sure the heat from the freshly made espresso won't reach your hands. If your espresso machines are operated by more than 2 operator, this shot glass would definitely reduce any awkwardness on busy hours.


  • 100% Borosilicate material
  • Exclusive double spout design for flexibility
  • Ergonomic handle to keep it cool and easy to grip
  • Complete with milimeters (mm) and ounces (oz) measures